The idea of making scarves came to me when a colleague was wearing one. I just had to try it. I really wanted one for myself and one for a personal gift, which I needed to make for a good friends birthday. Three of my colleagues went to buy the materials and the following night, I was taught how to make the scarves. I soon got the hang of it and really enjoyed making them. After wearing my first homemade scarf friends kept asking me where I bought it. I told them that I made them myself. They kept asking me if I could make one for them and I accepted. This was the beginning of an adventure and I couldn’t wait to get started. This was the early days and I was allowed to decide the colours, which I found quite amusing since I could choose the colours that I thought would match with the person that would be wearing it. I didn’t intend to make money out of it, but it just sort of happened. More and more people wanted scarves and I just didn’t have time to make them all. The process of making two scarves takes almost three hours, so you can imagine how hard it became to find time for it. I was wearing one of them for a night out and this woman came up to me and asked me if I was willing to sell it to her. I am not really a businesswoman and didn’t really know how to set the price and if I even wanted to sell it. I thought to myself that I could always make a new one and if I could make this woman happy by selling her my scarf I would. She later told me that her friends liked the scarf as well. This is how I started to make scarves by order and soon found that it would be a good idea to bring a few extra when going out. I made my first personal scarf in autumn 2009 and it is definitely not for sale.